The renovated flat is in the historic Carmen district of Valencia, in a building refurbished twenty years ago. One of the best features of this apartment is the presence of natural light. We take this opportunity to design following the client's requirements for all the spaces. All the rooms receive light from three different places: two large courtyards inside the building, and the main pedestrian street, all of them very quiet.

  • Area: 70 sqm

  • Location: El Carmen, Valencia

  • Construction Year: 2017

  • Architects: Tamiz Studio




Entering the flat, we find a diaphanous space for the living area that has also an open kitchen connected to the dinning area. Another strategy that we follow is to hide all the structure that isn’t located on an orthogonal grid, with storage spaces. The house’s floor is ceramic wood reproduction, whereas the bathroom’s atmosphere is different, with traditional local ceramic pavement.



We believe that every space has to be planned with its own characteristics, and from the biggest scale to the smallest one, even designing the skirtings built-in the walls. Moreover, we make a deep lighting studio to reach in every nook a specific sense. Depending on the artificial light we use, we get a restful place or a day-to-day living area. All the walls, ceilings and fixtures are white and clean.