The clients of this single-family home distributed in two floors, are an elder couple. The house from 1929 is located in a small town very close to Valencia. It was almost in ruins but with potential. Since the beginning, our aim here is to preserve the old elements that are still in good condition, so that we don’t lose the essence of the place.

  • Area: 152 sqm

  • Location: Torrent, Valencia

  • Construction Year: Under construction

  • Architects: Tamiz Studio



For the main floor, we proposed to customers to place the living room, the kitchen and also a restroom. This living area opens to a small courtyard with a barbecue and a dining place for summer time. We used wood and white walls mixed with cement pavement.



On the first floor, there is a studio as the customer asked, the main bedroom with it own bathroom and finally a guestroom. Both of them, illuminated and ventilated by the windows on the main street. All of the spaces have the benefit of natural light which makes the house a restful place.